Why use Facebook?

Hi there,

Today I am going to be talking about why a business should use the social media application and website ‘Facebook’. This form of social networking is incredibly popular and is used globally every day (Quartz, 2016). The way in which I have linked Facebook to my website was via a plugin that allows the social media icons to have a hyperlink attached to them at the foot of the page. So all the users see is an icon, but when they click on it, they’ll see my Facebook page containing my images and the promotional video that I have put together. This is all in favour of marketing the brand so that customers and viewers can see what’s available – for educational purposes though.second screenshot of facebook page

For the overall look of the page (as seen below), I thought I would go for a classy design (within the Facebook page template that applies to all pages set up within the social networking site). So I basically wanted to appeal to all types of women who feel as though they are welcome to have a browse of the page, and of course look at the website linked within the page.Screenshot of facebook page



Additionally, the amount of home businesses as well as chains that are present on Facebook at the moment is widespread and increasingly popular within society. In fact, there has been a hundred percent increase of businesses present on Facebook since 2008 (Noyes, A. and Noyes, A. 2015).

Another fact about Facebook is that the social media site can actually steer ‘traffic’ to a businessman’s website, meaning that there are more customers available on the internet than there are in real life, simply because virtually the whole of the west side of the globe are on Facebook (excluding Africa and other non-integrated regions of the world) (Baxter, A. 2015).

Furthermore, if a business had a brand that they were advertising, Facebook would help with this as well. The act of a user making a Facebook page for their business encourages other users to ‘Like’ the page and get notifications about the business through their account (Baxter, A. (2015).

Another way of making  business more successful by using Facebook is to use keywords within the Facebook posts that are present within the business page. This will promote the page further, as well as allowing the page to receive more views, if the theme of the company is widely preferred in the market. For example, my Facebook page that links to my website via a plugin is all about Shoes, which women are very much attracted to, because they strive to keep up with the fashion. Therefore, if there are keywords within Facebook posts and the subject of the page has a gap in the market, then the company will be very popular, mostly (Marketing Donut 2016).

Nonetheless, Facebook themselves claim that having a business account can ensure that their business will be ‘discoverable’, ‘connected’, ‘timely’ and ‘insightful’ which gives hope to the socially integrated professionals out there to ‘get connected’ (Facebook for Business. 2016).

Link to my Facebook Page


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Why use Twitter?

Hi there,

Today I’m going to be analysing why Twitter is such an important form of social media for businesses. The Twitter page that I have created is at the foot of the page, just before my references.

For my website, I have linked my Twitter account so that users can explore the feed and scroll through the images that portray the various products that I am selling (as seen below). I have also linked my website to Twitter by editing my profile and pasting the URL into the relevant field to the side of ‘Add Website’ which is useful as my potential followers can explore my website once they have visited my Twitter account.

twitter website screenshotwebsite for twitter 2

After doing some background reading around the various uses of Twitter and how the advertisement platform basis can be helpful in drawing customers into the business (Twitter. 2016). The reason why Twitter is so useful in advertising products is due to the fact that users can ‘Follow’ a Twitter account and receive every single post that’s ever released, simply because the user is subscribed to the first user’s account (Econsultancy 2016). This method is useful in informing customers about the various products available for them to buy and browse around at their leisure (Askaaronlee.com. 2016).

One other way that Twitter can be useful in advertising an eBusiness is ‘Customer feedback’, due to the fact that the viewers and account holders can tweet the business management team and either send compliments or less than likely, complaints. This gives the business a way to improve their business due to having second hand opinions from the people that they’re selling their products to (Askaaronlee.com. 2016).

An additional way to use Twitter as a useful tool for a business is to connect to the customers who are following the business. Agreeably, not every follower will be a customer towards the business, however the managers of the establishment have to cater for those who are. So one way of doing this is to appear ‘Human’ towards these potential consumers, simply because they need real people to serve products to them instead of an automated machine, which could potentially put customers off (BusinessZone 2009).

Another way in which Twitter can help a business along with its progress is having a ‘Twitter Chat system’. This consists of hosting an event which is open for users to communicate with the owners of a business via an instant message platform, also known as a ‘Chat’. This can allow the owners of the business to connect with customers and provide prospects to the business overall (Socialmediaexaminer.com 2016).

Twitter screenshot

The way in which I have incorporated Twitter into my website is that I have linked the social media tabs via a plug-in, so now there is an icon at the foot of the page for users to click on, and see my Twitter account which advertises products. This ensures that there is another way of looking at the layout of products, and a different outlook to the products of which I am selling.

Overall, the fact that I have integrated a Twitter account with my website means that customers and viewers have more of a choice to share and view my products and information about the website. Therefore, this adds variety to the small business and allows the content to be broadcasted in a wider and broader light. This is to enable other people to find it easier to locate the site from their own home, and also when they search for places to shop.

Link to Twitter page (Image to the right is from my Twitter page)


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Pay for Click Banner Ads – Examples

Hi there,

today I am going to be talking about how banner ads can be used within websites and why they’re a good way to attract and maintain customers throughout the business world.

So the way in which I have written this report on banner ads was to write out a word document with lots of banner ads inserted and explained about – which I created in Canva, the online design website. Therefore, I have inserted a link below with the word document attached for you to see. There are quite a few examples of banner adverts that I have designed and specified exactly where they would be placed regarding their suitability and preference to where the advert would look best (Mobile Strategies, 2016).

Please click on the link below to see my banner ads that I have created and explained.

Documented banner advertisements with explanations


Mobile Strategies. (2016). Are banner ads useful? Research says yes. [online] Available at: http://www.inma.org/blogs/mobile-tablets/post.cfm/are-banner-ads-useful-research-says-yes [Accessed 10 Apr. 2016].

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Why Pinterest is a good business social media platform

Hi there,

Today I’m going to be talking about how the social media site ‘Pinterest’ is a good form of advertising an eBusiness for people around the web. The link to my Pinterest site is at the foot of the page – please have a look and see for yourself of how the layout of the page looks.

Firstly, one reason as to why Pinterest is a good method of advertising is that the business managers can ‘pin’ their customers and consumers to their boards so that they’re the first people to receive information about the company (Zaman, T. 2013). This therefore creates a good advertising technique for the owners of a business and the people on the receiving end of the company (Socialmediaexaminer.com 2016).

Another reason as to why Pinterest is good method of social media for a business is due to the recent issue of statistics that said ‘69% of customers saw a product that they wanted to purchase or have actually purchased’ (Wishpond 2013). This implies that the art of posting advertisement in the form of images has a positive effect considering that people find that visual aids are more noticeable and speak more words than a catchy piece of text. Also, people may have more interpretations when seeing images of a product being advertised, as opposed to a company’s advert written out in text. For example, one company ‘Auto Brand Buick’ turned to Pinterest to advertise their company and generated sixteen million followers, visitors and users across their social properties (Forbes.com. 2016).

Nevertheless, another reason as to why Pinterest is a good method of advertising is because according to some studies, the social media site gets many more likes than Facebook and Twitter, causing  greater sales rate, which I have mentioned earlier on in this blog entry (Treanor, T. and →, V. 2012).

The reason as to why I have included the site Pinterest in my website as one of the social media windows for viewers to look at is due to the sheer simplicity of the website. In other words, a viewer can immediately see that the images link to my website, as well as the site itself being eye-catching and captivating from a marketing point of view Designshack.net. 2016).

Pinterest screenshot

Overall, I believe that Pinterest is a very good website to use because the interface is simple, the rate of followers and consumers increasing from looking at the social media site is a feat in itself. (Image from Pinterest. 2016). Therefore, the reasons as to why I have included this form of social networking in the form of marketing within my site are very much positive and defuse optimism throughout the site.

Link to Pinterest, please click HERE.


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Semester 2 – My video in a nutshell

Hi there,

This semester, I am making progress to advertise my website to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, with links to my website within these social media platforms.

So firstly, the reason why I made a  video was to be a form of advertisement, to ensure that members of the public are aware that my site is out there. Also, potential customers can look at the content of the video and realise that my site is available in which to buy a pair of shoes entirely of their choice. For this task I have decided to use Windows Movie Maker as a platform in which to create a video. The content that will be present within this movie will be images taken from each of the products existing in my website. So for example, one of my products is a pair of high heels. So the specific photograph for that product will be advertised in my video as a form of advertisement, conveying my specific collection at that time, within that season.

The way in which I planned my video was to include references, images, descriptions and prices of the products so that I knew exactly what to include within my video (as seen below). This made life easier because the products that I was going to use (and ended up using) were in the spreadsheet, which ensured that putting together the video itself was pretty straightforward.


The way in which I have made my video was to use Windows Movie Maker as the specific software in which to incorporate my images into one video. So for this, I gathered my images into a folder, basically by saving each of them from my website into a folder and dragging them into movie maker. Once I had completed the act of gathering my images, I then opened Movie Maker and placed the images onto the timeline once I had imported them into my ‘project’. This allowed me to rearrange each of the images so that I achieved the relevant order in which I wanted the images to go.

Once set the arrangement of my media, I then applied some transitions to each of the images to allow a flow of rhythm to the video, as seen below. This added depth, taste and creativity to my work. So, my initial idea of my video was to have a transition of seasons; which was the theme that ran throughout the creation, so there was an element of an anecdote within the video. Also, as the transition appeared before each new image was presented during the video, it gave a sense of ‘body’ to the video overall, simply because there was a start, a middle and an end to the entire video, helped along by the transition effect. For example, the aspect of having a slipper boot gives the idea that the item would be designed for the cold nights that occur during winter. In contrast to this, a ‘block-heeled sandal would represent the summertime. Therefore, this enables a theme to run throughout the video, to basically make a captivating interest towards the viewer.Transition tool in Movie Maker

Another aspect to my video was to add some music so that the audience would be captivated and ‘drawn in’ to the content of the website. The reason for this is to ensure that the video appears cheerful and upbeat to all kinds of people so that they can pursue their interest and visit my website from the link shown at the end of the video (YouTube. 2016). The inspiration that I got for choosing my audio track for my video was something that didn’t contain any words (as to avoid distracting the viewer) which a lot of Vloggers use throughout YouTube. Therefore, the viewers would then be able to place an opinion of each item within the video to decide which product they think would suit them, instead of a lyric-based song being present throughout the video, acting as an unnecessary distraction.

URL Acurax screenshotsocial media icons screenshot

Images taken from Shoe shop. (2016).

Finally, for my website, I have attached the YouTube video to the foot of the page using the plugin known as ‘Acurax’ which provides all the icons and allows a user to paste the link of a website into a field next to it (as seen above). For example, my video which is on YouTube is now linked to my website, purely because I placed the link into the plugin within the relative fields, very much like I did with Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, the forms of social media are embedded within my website properly and accurately.

The link to My video for my eMarketing Campaign is shown here, click on it to watch the video!

The reason why I chose to place a video within my website was because there was a trend in recent demographics of consumers and customers becoming of a higher rate, purely because video advertising can be a lot more effective than having written text as an advert (Ostroff, J. 2016).  Therefore, having a video within a website is ‘almost like being in person’, according to ‘Ostroff, J. 2016’.

Another way that video marketing can help the outcome of a business is that as there are so many people on the internet nowadays, the act of placing a video onto a website allows them to discover with their own interpretation the website. This is because they are able to watch the video again and again at their leisure and can see in many ways the different messages that the video is sending viewers. For example, my video is based on the concept of shoes, so therefore people can pick up on the message that I would quite like them to look at and either purchase something from my website. The only downside to this is that the video may not be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’, so they may not be inclined to watch it.

Overall, the fact that I have included my video within my website – and throughout the various forms of social media that I have set up – makes it easier for other people to be ‘drawn in’ to my website. This is due to the fact that I have given the time to produce a video from scratch, instead of buying the licence from someone else and including a video that way. Therefore, it was a good choice to include some additional media so that people can be entertained in another way, as opposed to simply reading text.


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Text and Fonts


Hi there,

Today I will be talking about how text and fonts can be used within a website and whether a webpage can be readable with a certain font.

For my website that I have created which was based on shoes, I have used a font that can be seen from a distance for the Heading of my Home Page. This heading font which is ‘Fugaz One’ is a website-friendly font. (Google.com, 2015). The reason why I used this font was to ensure that everyone who views my website can read the heading from a distance, and also, so that anyone of any ability can read the title of the website.

A way in which this can be achieved is to use the skill, known as Typography. The definition for this is: ‘the work of setting and arranging types and printing from them’ (Dictionary.com, 2015). Additionally to this, the Adobe program known as ‘Illustrator’ is a good tool to create one’s own personal font by simply drawing out the letters of the alphabet and tracing them in the software-based program, ‘Illustrator’ to create a perfect version of the text that the user has designed from scratch. (Com, 2012)

The image below is from a YouTube video tutorial which is showing the viewers how they can perfect their own personally designed font by tracing it with the Pen Tool within the ‘Illustrator’ software. This is a form of art in itself and allows each letter of the alphabet to be specifically personalised to the user’s needs (YouTube, 2015).tracing text to digital format typography

So by editing and creating a font from just a pencil and paper, a website user can truly call their website their own as they have designed and produced a font themselves.

With regards to my own website, I have not yet produced a font of my own that would be done by simply from drawing each letter of the alphabet, and manually digitizing it. However, this would be a useful thought for the future, should I decide to create a real website that works and can be used and visited from actual customers.

Subsequently, the size of a font within a website is very important as it adds emphasis for the viewer and retains their interest throughout reading through the content (CoolHomepages.com, 2016). Also, within a website, the font type and size can influence the improvement of business prospects because the customers would be encouraged to buy various products such as clothes from a clothing website, all because the website would have given them a good experience. Therefore, the presentation of a website can sway the customer into either buying a product or deciding to visit another similar website to buy the same product.

Overall, the use of text and fonts are a good tool to use as they improve certain aspects of a website and the outcomes that are caused by the use of the website throughout customers, users and viewers.


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Choosing colours for my website – Colours and palettes


Hi there,

The website that I am creating which consists of selling shoes contains a few colours and different shades that coordinate together. This range of colour occurs throughout my website and is basically a theme that occurs throughout all the pages within my site containing my specific products that I’m selling.

The basic colours that I am using are black, white and green, which is the main trio of colours that occur throughout my website which sells shoes. On the other hand, the main choices of colours that I have used for my blog are the WordPress colours which are white and blue.

Whilst I was in my lecture, one of the slides which was used in the PowerPoint presentation was about how colour affects mood. One of the colours that I have mentioned earlier was ‘Blue’ which evokes calmness and tranquility. When someone reads through a website, they don’t want to feel stressed out and anxious – they would most likely prefer to feel at ease and calm. (Here et al., 2010) Therefore I have used a theme within my blog that contains the colour blue which conveys that my intention is to make the website as calm as possible for the reader. The reason for me doing this is to hold the viewer’s attention and help them feel welcome and at ease throughout their process of scrolling through the content within my blog. (Science – Opposing Views, (2015).

A factor that affects how a website looks to a user or customer is the use of links that are based within the website. This consists of a link that changes colour from blue to purple. For example, on Google, the colour of a website that the viewer has previously been on appears purple. The purpose of this is to enable the viewer to recognise a website that they have already visited, and to differentiate the sites that they haven’t already accessed. This concept is a good idea to add onto my own website, should there be external links that lead to web pages outside of my site (Science – Opposing Views, (2015).

colours research 3

The image above is by Patel, N. 2014. The content of the image conveys how various users prefer certain colours as opposed to other colours which aren’t so appealing to them.

Another image that conveys an opposite view to how colours are important to a website is the one below. This image portrays how people dislike certain colours and would most likely be put off by how these colours are used within a website.

Some of the colours that can be used for different purposes were in the PowerPoint that was in my lecture throughout. One use of a colour combination was ‘Yellow and Black’ which could be used for posters to be viewed from long-distances (Hearn, 2010). For my website, I could consider using this combination; however it might be overpowering for my viewer as they would be observing my website from their computer a few centimetres away as opposed to viewing it from a few meters away.

Overall, the fact that colours evoke mood means that there is a real importance once the use of colour is applied into a website. (Colormatters.com, (2015). One application of colour throughout a site is a shopping site that has products in it (such as my own product website) and these various colours allow the reader’s attention to be maintained and keeps an interest in a lot of customers.


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